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Back on Track Upper Cervical Care Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Las Vegas Patients Say

Dr. Autumn is thrilled to have helped countless patients find (and maintain) their health for years to come. Please read a sampling of our patient testimonials below from actual patients who’ve experienced incredible results at Back on Track Upper Cervical Care. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Back on Track Upper Cervical Care care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Healing Hands!

I have a very long history of Chiropractic care (since 1974). I had just relocated to the area and was experiencing Atlas pressure. I was struggling to find a qualified chiropractor who used the method that works for me (i.e. Toggle/Recoil). In time I had the very good fortune and was able to locate Dr. Autumn. She quickly reassured a very nervous me. I am not your typical upper cervical patient in that my atlas injury was so severe that it almost cost me my life. Dr. Autumn was able to quickly evaluate my situation via a pre-scan, adjustment and post scan to make sure I was clear. What a comfort to know her professional skills will be there for me when needed in my new home here in Las Vegas. Thank You Dr. Autumn for restoring my vital health seems hardly adequate! God Bless Your Healing hands!
-Joe D.

Highly Skilled Professional

Dr. Autumn has been sensational! She is a highly skilled professional, extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and always willing to assist me whenever needed. As my back therapist, Dr. Autumn has been able to correct my deficiencies found in my back, neck, and my overall physical being including dealing with stress. I highly recommend Dr. Autumn to everyone. She’s the best!

-George D.

Upper Cervical Care changed our lives!

“Frank started care with Dr. Autumn on July 3, 2009 and I started on July 14, 2009. Frank has suffered from severe foot pain while walking for at least 20 years. All of his employment life has been on his feet. Sometimes it affected his hip and/or legs.

He would have pain so bad he could not walk. By the end of September he was not having any pain in his feet at all. On occasion, while going through retracing, he will have achy feet- but nothing close to what he experienced before. This relief is absolutely AMAZING!!! Nothing else we’ve tried ever worked.

I have several problems. I have had several whiplash injuries. I was unable to tilt my head back or to the side without becoming dizzy. I can now do so without problem.
My neck would crack when I turned it or bent over to tie my shoes. When my atlas is in place, I do not have the cracking problem. I believe in the natural healing of the body and that upper cervical care we are receiving is making us healthier. I have hope it will send enough healing messages to heal my organs and get rid of my diabetes.”
– Linda & Frank R.

Real Miracles Sensibly Priced

My name is Harold Russell, and I am -no, make that “I was” -a chronic headache sufferer. I’ve had headaches since I was 5 years old, and as I’ve aged, I’d develop a new type of headache every 7 or 8 years, to go along with the ones I already had.
By the time I was 44, I endured, on a regular basis, 3 different kinds of tension H/A’s, 2 types of migraine headaches, and worst of all, cluster H/A’s. It had gotten so bad, I couldn’t work.

In the last 35 years, I’ve been to literally dozens of doctors seeking help. Most brushed me off: “You’re young and healthy -they’ll stop eventually”. A few suggested delicately that my problem was just ‘Low Pain Tolerance’ -something no man anywhere likes to hear. Some told me the “pain” was psychological, or a sad, pathetic ploy to get attention. A couple even threw me out of their offices, accusing me of “just looking to score some vicodin.” I still get furious at the memories: it seemed as if the docs were *amused* at the notion that a mere headache would send me rushing off to waste their valuable time.

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In addition to all that, I tried -and found wanting -acupuncture, fasting, diet & supplements, colon cleanses, massage, meditation, strong drink, and even had a swami galchant prayers over me while I tried to “contemplate the infinite.” Ended up with a few funny/sad stories to tell, but no real relief of any kind. I also tried Chiropractic, of course, but got no relief. It made things worse, in fact. I decided I didn’t like or trust Chiropractors.

Then one day my wife told me about Dr. Autumn Monteiro, who was treating a mutual friend and getting “remarkable” results. I’m big on ‘word-of-mouth’, so I called for a free consultation, where Dr. M assured me she doesn’t crack backs. What she does is *Upper Cervical* Chiropracty (“UCC”). She also told me a story about a man afflicted with Trigeminal Neuralgia (“TN”) who’d been helped by UCC. Now, I’ve actually known a guy with TN. Doctors say that TN -along with cluster headaches -generate the very worst pain the human body is capable of producing. Mothers say it’s *much* worse than childbirth, for example. And this pain is non-stop: incredible, unbearable pain, 24/7.

Typically, folks with TN eventually commit suicide, because that seems to be the only logical response to pain of that magnitude. UCC stopped that-man’s pain, the pain he’d had for 20+ years. At this point, Dr. Monteiro had my undivided attention.
So I gave it a shot. Dr. M was very upfront with me: she told me that not all patients respond to UCC, and headache patients are generally the hardest to treat, so any relief -if it was to come -would come slowly. I was impressed with her candor -she wasn’t promising me any magic beans. I was also sick and tired of being in pain. I said, “Let’s try it.” She took precision X-rays immediately, and adjusted my neck that day. That was 9 weeks ago.

My headaches didn’t instantly disappear, as I had secretly been hoping they would. But 9 weeks later, the H/A’s I’ve had on an almost-daily basis since I was a little boy… are 95% GONE. I used to take daily megadoses of Imitrex and several other drugs, as well as enough Lortab to stun an elephant. I no longer need them.

Thanks to Dr. Monteiro and UCC, I have my life back. I can do things. I can go out with people. I can make plans *without* having to include a H/A emergency escape route. I don’t have to always check to see if I or my wife have extra pain pills with us at all times. How ’bout that?

By now, you might be thinking all this sounds too good to be true.” After all, this is what they all said about reiki, & acupressure, & aromatherapy and all the rest. I don’t fault your skepticism: I’m sure you’ve earned it the hard way. (I sure did.) But the fact remains: Dr. Monteiro and UCC have brought me back into the world, when nobody else even came close.

If you’re in pain, or if you have physical problems that your doctors say is unfixable or psychosomatic, (a Latin word meaning “we can’t figure out the problem or a treatment for it, so we’ll just blame the patient.”), I strongly urge you to talk to Dr. Monteiro. As far as I’m concerned, what happens in her office is “Real Miracles, Sensibly Priced.” What have you got to lose?

– Harold R.

Pain Alleviated

I had suffered for years with pain in my neck, back, shoulders and hips after spending 8 years as a paratrooper in the Army. Traditional Chiropractic treatments would alleviate pain for a few days then I was back for treatment. Until I saw Dr. Monteiro at Back on Track! The method she uses has alleviated almost all pain! I see her monthly now, not weekly and I feel whole again. I never imagined I could feel this good again, I just figured I’d be in pain the rest of my life. That does not have to be the case. My family now goes to see Dr. Monteiro and I recommend her services to anyone out there.
– Gabby R.

Significant Recovery

I had the worst pain of my life for six months with a herniated disk and thought I would have to have surgery. Autumn did one treatment with me and I was amazed that my recovery started significantly the next day. Totally amazing thank you Autumn! Best wishes.
– Mike C.

Pain Free

I’ve been a big fan of chiropractic for over 20 years. During that time the pain I felt was always relieved by adjusting the three same spots; neck, middle and lower back. I never cared much for having my lower back adjusted because the major twist would hurt and attempting to “relax” so the doctor could thrust my vertebrae into place was not pleasant. For most of those years I would need adjustments at least once a month and many times more.

When I had a major breakthrough in my health, releasing 50 lbs of fat, I took up the sport of triathlon. I’ve finished 10 Ironman’s and have many more planned. As an endurance athlete, especially training for the Ironman distance, I’m swimming, biking and running anywhere from 15 to 22 hours a week. Running pounds the body the most.

When I started my Ironman journey I had to seek chiropractic care more often. I was being adjusted every two weeks just to maintain health so I could train.

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My wife had used upper cervical chiropractic care and recommended I look at this method. I went into see her doctor but I did not have an aha moment. He didn’t explain it to me sufficiently for me to believe by just moving the atlas the rest of the spine would follow suit. I declined to try it out.

I’ve known Dr. Monteiro for years. My children went to school with her and I knew her family from golfing. My chiropractor had suddenly moved from the area so I was seeking a new doctor. I gave her a call.

I did not realize when I first saw her that she used the upper cervical method. As I listened attentively she explained why it works and finally connected the dots for me. I was in and willing to give it a try.

After my first adjustment she said I might be tired and she encouraged me to take it easy that day. To my pleasure I had slept 10 hours that night and the next day my back spasms, in the three areas that had always plagued me, were gone! I had to see her more often in the beginning but after several months the time between adjustments were getting longer.

There is no doubt that upper cervical works. I pound my body pretty good as an Ironman Triathlete and I think the longest I’ve gone between adjustments was 8-10 weeks. That is really a blessing for me so that I can continue to train, pain free, pushing my body to the limit.

I highly recommend anybody, especially athletes, seek Dr. Monteiro’s care. She is a great person and understands what it takes to allow you to reach your potential health.

– Michael L.

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